Vesel Shehu – A Missionary in service of Peace and God

Vesel Ismail Shehu was born on April 10, 1966 in the village Buzmadhe, Gryke-Caje commune, Kukes, Albania. He belongs to a patriotic tribe with huge contributions to the Albanian nation. For nearly seven generations, the representatives of this family have run the famous mosque in Buzmadhe, Kukes, as the temple of the Bektashi. Just because they were religious and patriotic, the family members and relatives of Vesel Shehu were persecuted by the communist regime as nationalists and anti-communists.Vesel Shehu ok

In the communism time, the chairman of the mosque Ismail Shehu, Vesel’s father was jailed several times. Many times there were attempts to destroy the mosque of Buzmadhe, this temple of God, by the atheist communist activist groups, but they   never had the courage to destroy it because of the great support it enjoyed by the religious communities in Kukes and the surrounding areas. So, not only faith in God, love for the nation, but also the respect they enjoyed in Kukes district were the reasons for the persecution of this family by the Communist regime.

Vesel Shehu completed his primary and elementary education in “Mersim Bresa” school in Buzmadhe village, where he spent his childhood being educated with the national and religious values by his father, Ismail. In 1985 Vesel finished his studies in the high school in Bulqize. After finishing high school he began work in the agricultural company in Kukes.

After the collapse of the communist system in 1990, with the advent of democracy Vesel Shehu started his own activity in business management in the field of livestock-agriculture until 1996, when he thought of getting involved also in political activities as a representative of the Democratic Party. In 1996 he was elected Mayor of Gryke-Caje Commune, Kukes, on a five-year teIMG_0341rm. In 2007 he was reelected Mayor of this commune and in 2011  he was voted again by the inhabitants of Gryke-Caje Commune to be their mayor until 2015.

In 2008 Vesel graduated as a lawyer at the Faculty of Law since he wanted to know better the Albanian legislation as a social activist and leader of the mosque. Despite his numerous commitments as a businessman and activist for the protection of human rights, Vesel as big believer never gave up on the management of the mosque. He has been leading this temple for many years. He has undertaken to lead the mosque shortly after the death of Father Ismail, since 1988, despite the numerous attempts by representatives of the communist regime to stop the pilgrimage of believers at that time.

So, from 1988 onwards the mosque of Buzmadhe, this holy famous temple has been leaded by Sheh Veseli. This mosque that has a prestigious name as a holy place, is at the service of many Albanian communities in the areIMG_0327a of Kukes, Kosovo and Macedonia. The mosque has long been transformed into an institution of intercommunity harmony for conflict prevention and reconciliation of blood feuds. People who have problems go to this mosque regardless their religion, not only Muslims, but also Christians, Catholics and Orthodox. So, on special days this mosque is visited by numerous pilgrims of all religions, even by those who have problems between them. The days of pilgrimage are time of peace and understanding for all pilgrims, especially for individuals with enmity problems, until they reconcile by mediation of the leaders of the mosque, this temple of faith, reconciliation, harmony and interfaith and intercommunity unity.

Vesel Shehu, the peace missionary is both a successful businessmen, religious leader and political and social leader. It has been years that he is involved in the political activity, since the advent of democracy. IMG_0364Vesel Shehu firstly joined the student movement and in January 1991 he was admitted as a member of the Democratic Party in the section of Buzmadhe commune. From 1992 to 1996 he was appointed Chairman of the Group-section in Gryke-Caje, Kukes. In 1996 Vesel Shehu was a member of the Democratic Party Branch in Kukes until 2003. In 2005 he was elected again as a member of DP Branch in Kukes. This long political activity has helped Vesel to be a model missionary in service of Peace and God.

Vesel Shehu’s  family has always been distinguished for the conciliation of blood feuds in the northeast area of Albania. His reputation as a peace missionary is unquestionable not only in Kukes, but in the entire country.

Vesel Shehu,as a man of sacrifice, has dedicated all his life to working as a conciliator and warrior of peace, standing close to families in need consistently. For this reason he enjoys a very good reputation in this region and in the Arba Berdicaentire country. Now his home is a place where people find support and help for every social and economic problem.

In the legislation of 2013-2017 Vesel Shehu’s son, Ylli Shehu was elected deputy of the Albanian Parliament. So Veseli has one more powerful supporter in the social, political and religious activities that his family has undertaken in the service of social peace and God.

Considering his rare values as a leader and social activist, Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity has appointed the personality Vesel Shehu Peace Missionary and Honorary Ambassador, as part of the elite structures that sacrifice in the service of world peace.

Arba Berdica

Top Advisor of DMPP

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